EURORDIS Summer School

EURORDIS launched the Summer School in 2008 to empower patients' representatives in the areas of clinical trials and EU regulatory affairs. Training resources (i.e. online learning, video recordings and all slide presentations) are organized in complimentary boxes by subject.


Expert Patient and Researcher EURORDIS Summer School

A new format was developed for the Summer School in 2015 that combines training for both expert patients and researchers on medicines development.

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EURORDIS Summer School Alumni

To date more than 400 participants from over 40 countries representing more than 75 diseases have received training

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Pre-Summer School Training Module

Overview of the topics that are covered at the Summer School as well as exercises and quizzes to familiarise trainees with some of the key concepts and issues presented

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Summer School Trainers

Each year the Summer School material is taught by experts in the field. Learn more about who they are

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EURORDIS Summer School Glossary of Terms

A glossary of terms relating to ethics, methodology, pharmacology, regulation and statistics.

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e-Learning Glossary

An interactive glossary of terms on medicines research & development

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EURORDIS, FEDER, la Plataforma de Malalties Minoritàries y CIBERER, se han unido para elaborar el programa ExPRESS 2017 adaptado a las necesidades de las asociaciones Españolas y de Iberoamérica, que se impartirá del 5 al 9 de junio en, Castelldefels Barcelona, ​​España

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A voz das pessoas com doenças raras na EuropaEURORDIS A voz internacional das pessoas com doenças raras, Rare Diseases Internacional, é uma iniciativa da EURORDISRare Disease International Reúne doentes, famílias e especialistas para partilhar experiências num fórum multilinguístico. A RareConnect é uma iniciativa da EURORDIS RareConnect An international awareness raising campaign taking place on the last day of February each year, Rare Disease Day is a EURORDIS initiativeRare Disease Day Adira ao maior encontro europeu das partes interessadas no âmbito das doenças raras na Conferência Bienal Europeia sobre Doenças Raras e Produtos Órfãos. A ECRD é uma iniciativa da EURORDISEuropean Conference on Rare Diseases